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Meet Diznote – It's an easy to use software that let's you record and share your videos with an easy to share link. Asynchronous messaging helps you save time, improves collaboration, and connects you personally with people without having to do one on one calls.

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Video Messaging Use Cases

Diznote can boost your companies productivity by enhancing communication between you and your team. 

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Diznote allows users to record and send video messages asynchronously. This flexibility is crucial for remote workers operating in different time zones or with varying schedules. Team members can convey information without the need for real-time interactions.

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Sales representatives can create personalized video messages for prospects, providing a more engaging and impactful sales pitch. This allows for a human touch, making the communication more compelling and increasing the chances of capturing the prospect's attention.

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Content creators can use Diznote to share behind-the-scenes glimpses of their creative process. Whether it's a sneak peek into their workspace, a day in their life, or the making of a video, these personal touches can resonate well with the audience.

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Accordion FAQ

First install our chrome extension. Once done, click on the icon on the top right corner of your google chrome screen and click start recording. 

We are currently working on a Desktop version for our users.